Islamic World 360 app is the most accurate prayer time & azan app. Islamic world app also features the full Quran as well as a Qibla direction finder, an Islamic Hijri calendar etc. Get The App

360app enables and facilitate you to recite Quran anytime anywhere, remind you all prayer times and eliminates the need to carry Quran with you everywhere in this islam 360. This azan app will remind you all Islamic prayers times across the world according to your current location.

Hadith Features:-:
Read Seven Primary Source Books of Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) in this Islamic app.
You can read islam k bunyadi principles
In this islam 360app, you can read all ahadith in Arabic as in English and Urdu as well.
In this muslim prayer app, Switch translation between Urdu and English.
You can see translation in Arabic, Urdu and English in this adhan pro.

Major Aspects of Islam:-
– Faith – The Shahada
– Daily Prayers – Salat
– Alms – Giving — Zakat
– Fasting during Ramdan – Saum
– Pilgrimage to Mecca – Hajj
Every Muslims must remember these islam k islam k bunyadi five pillers.

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