Get ready for the Realistic and exciting driving experience by driving a truck simulator. Drive to explore industrial environment and test your Driving skills. Become a Truck driver and show us your driver skills while precision driving big vehicles.Get The App

Driving a big truck in the Euro Heavy Truck Drive-Driving Simulator 2019 game may not be easy as it looks! You must be an expert in parking trucks to deliver packages to the right locations.
Drive on the industrial environment roads from one city to another. Drive your loaded truck in the beautiful European countryside, over dangerous mountains and hilly environment and along green farms.

– Start your Truck by using Garage button.
– Select Truck, Fasten your seat belts.
– Select your Job Offers
– Control your Truck by using break and acceleration buttons.
– You may choose how to control your Truck on the Settings menu.
– During the missions, you can turn the headlights on by using Headlights button.
– When your Truck ran out of gas, you can buy gas from the gas stations.
– Follow traffic rules during the game.

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